soon-to-be organic girl (with not-so-excited-about-it son) ~Beth

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Juice Tiger

Days on WG30: 28 ½
I did it!  I bought a juicer.  I have a really good blender and tried to juice with it but it wasn’t quite right.  I want to juice because I think it will help boost my veggie intake.  Plus, I have heard nothing but positive reviews on juicing.  I started this morning with carrot juice (9 WGOF baby carrots), and to tell you the truth, it was 10x better than I thought it might be.  It was yummy and I felt good about starting the day with that choice.
The other reason I wanted to “juice” up on my veggies is an infamous event called a Bachelorette Party.  This party, which is just 18 days away, entails floating down the Stilly river…which means (deep breath) wearing a swimsuit…in public.  Even though that 6 lbs. I lost is still missing, and I am feeling better about myself, reality is it’s a swimsuit, and I’m not feeling THAT good about myself. 

I have my juice recipe for tomorrow but would love to hear your favorite juice recipe.  Please post it in the comments.  Thanks and chat soon!  ~Beth

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend at Bernie’s

Days on WG30: 25 ½

So another tricky weekend…I have a feeling that will be the theme for the summer.  My parents came down from Alaska to celebrate my niece’s birthday in OR.  We drove to OR and again, I came fully prepared with a cooler stocked with yummy WGOF salads & veggies.  We arrived, and to my pleasant surprise my sister-in-law had a bbq prepared with organic hotdogs, buns, chips, salsa and a few other salads.  It was such a nice and appreciated gesture.  Throughout the weekend, I noticed my family took an extra second and at least considered a healthier option of what they wanted.  Considering my parents come from the Midwest and meat & potatoes are served at every meal (I had enough meat the first part of my life to cover another 12 lives), it was a big step for them.  It made me smile and I got a good feeling that my current lifestyle made others think about their choices and maybe change (even a little) for the better.
So another realization with this journey: the way you live your life does influence those close to you, and I am starting to believe it starts from within, what you feed your body & mind.

I am now even more excited about this journey, and there’s only 5 days left!
Thanks so much!  ~Beth

Monday, June 20, 2011

Revelation due to Confession

Days of WG30: 20

First of all, I apologize for going so long without posting anything.  Although there is no excuse for not keeping you posted (all 3 of you), I have a really good excuse if you want to hear it?  I will spare you the details…ah who am I kidding, that is the juiciest part!  So it’s been 20 days and I’m pretty proud of myself…for the most part.  This past weekend was a test of reality.  I know I’ve said that before but I guess there is a new situation occurring weekly that puts me in a position of choosing.  Choosing between healthy and not-so-much-healthy (I’m pretty sure that’s a word).  This week started smoothly with the regular grind of work and life.  Then came Thursday night, my son was sick all night and into the morning.  I am a person who thoroughly enjoys her sleep and needs a minimum of 6 hours to be the charming, spunky, self I am J.  Working on 3 hours of sleep Friday morning, I wake up and really want to grab that Costco chocolate muffin my husband left out (in fact, I might trade sick child for it).  But I push on and prepare for the barrel race that nigh and a weekend hauling all over Washington for rodeos. 
Friday night, after the race, a group of friends wanted to go out to dinner.  Although I packed a cooler full of yummy organic food (I even prepared salads ready to eat!), I am not one to miss out on a good time so I partook (without taking prepared salad).  Seared tuna with cabbage later, I feel guilt sinking in.  Yes, you heard it, I ordered something off the menu, a non-organic menu.  I went through the range of emotions as if I cheated on something; guilt, anger, reasoning of why it wasn’t a bad thing, etc.  And that’s exactly what I did, cheat on my 100% organic creed.  I am sad I did it, even though it was just tuna and cabbage, typically a good choice for a meal, it wasn’t certified organic.  The remainder of the weekend went smoothly (besides leaving a partial kneecap on the 3rd barrel in Colville, WA ¡ouch!).  Considering we drove over 923 miles (no really, map it: Monroe, Ellensburg, Glenwood, Colville, & back to Monroe) I had plenty of time to really think about my predicament. 

Here is what I have come up with: first, I am adding a day to make up for my 1 meal mess-up, just seems fair.  The new last day on WG30 is July 1st.  Secondly, I couldn’t help but ask, what is a realistic healthy organic lifestyle that I can continue from here out?  And my conclusion is (drum roll please) allowing room for non-organic choices, still healthy choices but allowing myself to enjoy all aspects of life, such as going out with friends to a restaurant of their choice, treating your child (and you) to a scoop of ice cream for a good report card, or enjoying a slice of Aunt Frieda’s red, white & blue cake at the 4th of July bbq.  
This may sound like something a 30 something should know by now, but I think you need refresher every now and then, a detox of sort along with a side of reality check.  With a clear head and clean body I can reassess and go forward with organic confidence (that should be a movie title). 

Thanks again for your support!  ~Beth

Monday, June 13, 2011

Showered with Temptation

Days on WG30: 13

So I made it through weekend #2, and let me tell you, it was a test of will power!  Friday was an evening barrel race, with a cook shack of nothing but fried goodness and artificial treats.  Luckily I had a tasty spinach salad with carrots and cherry tomatoes before I left so I was content.  Saturday, my friend’s bridal shower which I co-hosted, while preparing pigs in a blanket and cream cheese dip I overcame the desire to taste “just one” like I usually do (no one was even around to call me out on it).  Coming prepared to the party (i.e. organic options for me to munch on and drink) I felt confident I’d achieve another feat.  And then the sangria came out…then the champagne punch …oh my!  Fortunately, I found a WineStyles not that far from the party in Bothell that carries organic wine! WOOOO HOOOO {I was excited in other words}.  So yes, party was a success (in all aspects). 
While I survived this weekend, I find myself not well-organized on meal planning.  I mean, it is Monday evening and I haven’t planned for the week yet.  I guess I should go do that now…

By the way, found another great place to eat organic; Grilla Bites.  I ate at the one in Snohomish and was very satisfied!  AND they use WGOF salad mix, go check them out! 

Thanks and chat soon!  ~Beth

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Local, A Lot Closer Than I Thought

Days on WG30: 9

I was on my way home yesterday and realized that I haven’t focused a whole lot on “local” organics.  My produce comes from the farm (WGOF) but the other staples I’ve just been buying at the grocery store because it’s convenient.  Just then, I see a sign less than 3 miles away from my house:

I can’t believe it!  Organic eggs so close to where I live?  How cool is that?  So I called and spoke with Deana (pronounced Dean-a) from Bughollow Farm, and explained I don’t know much but I am pretty sure I don’t want duck eggs.  Deana mentioned they were a tasty alternative (her and her daughter have allergies to chicken eggs), and assured me she did have chicken eggs.  She also gave me a good lesson on organic eggs: Did you know Europeans store their eggs in their cabinets?  Crazy right?  Well, apparently if you don’t wash the eggs, a natural exterior lining keeps them fresh for quite a while with no need to refrigerate.  However, if you want to hard-boil them, wash the eggs when you get home and put them in the refrigerator for about 10 days.  Then they are ready to be boiled.  She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful (had some cool egg lingo), I was thankful for her time. 
With my local, fresh organic eggs (stored in the cabinet by the way) I can’t help but feel satisfied for giving my money to a hometown, hardworking small farmer rather than a large grocery store.  Next step to find local meat!
As always, thanks for your support!  ~Beth

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a Good Day!

Days on WG30: 7

I was casually perusing the shelves in a grocery store to see what more options I might have for cooking organic.  I looked down the aisle and there was this ray of light shining down on something, as if the roof opened up and the sun pierced through.  I went to check it out and it was this:

Although I didn’t buy it, it put a smile on my face and gave me a bit of hope that this WG30 thing can absolutely become a lifestyle and not just a 30 day challenge. 

What is your favorite organic dessert?

Thank as always, and chat soon!  ~Beth

Monday, June 6, 2011

National What Day?

Days on WG30: 6
Rude!  Friday was National Doughnut Day!  I am all about supporting our Nation and its quirky celebrated days but don’t they realize I can’t have a doughnut?!  But at the end of the day, I didn’t miss out on anything.  In fact, I haven’t craved sweets in a long time (long time being 5 days).  That is so weird…and cool at the same time.  Maybe I’m just running a fever or something.
On Friday my son really wanted to make a pizza, so I did some research and made an organic spinach pizza.  The crust was made with white rice flour, we put lots of WG’s spinach on it and added all natural pepperoni to the boy’s side.  I got a “this is the best pizza ever” comment so that’s a bonus.  I would have taken a picture for proof but it was gone in about 10 minutes, literally. 
Date night was a victory!  Found a certified organic café in the U-District: Chaco Canyon Café and we were pleasantly surprised.  They even had a beer & wine list, too cool!  The best part was the organic, raw “Cowboy Choco-Chip Cookie”.  I know it sounds a bit scary but taste buds don't lie! 
Sunday was a true test of my meal planning skills.  Between a late night Saturday (Lenny Kravitz and U2 rocked it btw) and an early Sunday morning to prepare and head out for the Roy Rodeo and then continue with the Open House at The Fields @ Willie Green’s, I had to have it all ready.  I did and I consider the first weekend on WG30 a success.  And according to the scale (not that I’ve always liked to believe it in the past) I have lost 5 lbs (woot woot)!
I am thinking of attempting to juice veggies for breakfast (can't help but grimace a bit). What is your favorite juicing recipe?  Thanks and chat soon!  ~Beth

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1 on WG30 (phew)

Today started off really well (yay)! I thought I’d miss my poor man’s mocha I’d make in the mornings but the black earl tea was a pleasant surprise.  That and the oatmeal started me off in a good mood.  Lunch was WG salad mix with carrots, radishes & an awesome balsamic vinaigrette dressing from Litehouse, then yogurt with Nature’s Path granola mixed in.  At dinner I was craving something warm so I cooked up some rapini and garlic (from the recipe in the last WGOF newsletter ~ I’ll post it below for those of you who didn’t see it)…this is where I have a confession: I have worked at WGOF for a year, and this was my first time trying rapini {blushing w/head down}.  It is SOOOOOO delish!  I didn’t have organic chicken broth so just used a cup of water & tasted just fine.  Next time I’ll find a pasta or rice to mix in.  Is there such thing as organic pasta?

I am feeling really good about myself, all orgaic all day, success on day 1!  Then I looked at the calendar to see what is coming up.  Date night!!!  Saturday night I have a special evening planned for my husband, which includes dinner and a concert…DINNER OUT!  And Sunday morning I have a rodeo in Roy then the Open House at the farm (hope to see you there).  This will be a true test of my planning and staying true to it all.
I need your help, what is your favorite organic place to eat in Seattle?  Thank you and chat soon! 

Rapini & Garlic

4 cloves garlic, minced
2 T extra-virgin olive oil
2 bunches rapini, about 2 lbs., trim bottom 3 or 4 inches off
1 C low sodium, no-fat chicken broth

heat garlic in oil over medium heat in a large skillet until garlic sizzles in oil. Add the rapini, as much as you can fit in pan at a time. Turn and coat with oil as you wilt the greens. Add broth. Bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer 10 to 12 minutes to soften the bitterness of the greens.

courtesy of Rachael Ray